Acra Point-Burnt KnobMay 2008
Blueberry d        
Clintonia b c      
Foamflower a b c    
Painted Trillium c d      
Rose Twisted-stalk a b c    
AlbanyJuly 2013
Day Lily (domestic) a        
Balsam MountainJune 2019
Aniseroot a b      
Virginia Waterleaf e        
Beaverkill RangeMay 2019
Blue Cohosh i        
Carolina Spring Beauty e        
Dutchman's Breeches c        
Indian Poke c        
Red Trillium e        
Squirrel Corn d        
Wild Leek a        
Wild Oats c        
Black DomeJune 2007
Clintonia a        
Black MtAug 2007
Harebell a        
Turtlehead a        
Yarrow a        
Black MtJuly 2008
Cow-wheat a c      
Indian Pipe d        
Late Goldenrod a b      
Purple Loosestrife a b      
Spotted Touch-me-not a        
Steeplebush a b      
Turtlehead d        
Wintergreen a b c    
Black MtAug 2008
Evening Primrose c d e    
Green Wood Orchis a b      
Helleborine a b      
Indian Pipe e        
Pale St. Johnswort a b c    
Smaller Enchanter's Nightshade c        
Turtlehead e        
Blackhead MtJune 2007
Blackberry a b      
Bunchberry a        
Cow Parsnip a        
Rough Cinquefoil a        
Virginia Waterleaf a        
Wild Columbine a b      
Blackhead MtJuly 2007
Common Cinquefoil a        
Common Wood Sorrel a b c d e
Blackhead MtMay 2008
Blue Cohosh a b c    
Canada Violet b        
Dutchman's Breeches a b      
Miterwort a        
Painted Trillium a b      
Squirrel Corn a b c    
Toothwort a b      
Trout Lily b c d e f
Wild Oats b        
Blackhead MtJune 2008
Bunchberry b        
Virginia Waterleaf b        
Dunham ReservoirAug 2008
Cardinal Flower c d      
Common Arrowhead c d      
Common Skullcap b d      
Humped Bladderwort a b      
Water-parsnip a b      
Dunham ReservoirSept 2008
Bur-marigold c d      
Dunham ReservoirJune 2009
Bur-reed a b c    
Feverfew a b      
Meadow-sweet c        
Partridgeberry a b      
Sheep Laurel a b c    
Swamp Candles a b      
Tall Meadow Rue a b c    
Dunham ReservoirJuly 2009
Cardinal Flower e        
Common Skullcap e        
Feverfew c        
Floating Pondweed a b c d e
Marsh St. Johnswort a b c d e
Pale St. Johnswort d        
Ribbonleaf Pondweed a b c d  
Swamp Candles c d      
Water Shield a b c d e
Dunham ReservoirSept 2009
Calico Aster a        
Dunham ReservoirMay 2010
Goldthread a b c    
Dunham ReservoirJune 2013
Indian Poke a b      
Sheep Laurel d e      
Dunham ReservoirMay 2015
Pink Lady's Slipper f j      
Eagle LakeJuly 2010
American Marsh Willow-herb a b      
Common Skullcap f g      
Field Sow Thistle a b c d e
Fireweed b c      
Seven-angle Pipewort a b      
Five RiversJune 2008
Common Buttercup a b      
Common Fleabane a b      
Cow Vetch b        
Dame's Rocket a        
Gill-over-the-ground c        
Mayapple a b c    
Star-of-Bethlehem a b      
Wild Geranium a b      
Five RiversMay 2009
Common Cinquefoil c        
Jack-in-the-pulpit d        
Thyme-leaved Speedwell a b      
Wild Geranium c d e    
Five RiversSept 2009
Pennsylvania Smartweed a b c d  
Forked LakeJuly 2011
Horned Bladderwort a b c    
Pitcher Plant a b c d  
Spatulate-leaved Sundew a b      
Swamp Rose a b      
Hadley MtMay 2007
Red Trillium a c      
Trout Lily a        
Violet a f      
Wild Oats a        
Hudson RiverSept 2008
Jerusalem Artichoke a b c    
Monkey Flower c d e    
Sneezeweed d        
Hudson RiverApril 2009
Eastern Skunk Cabbage c        
Garlic Mustard a b      
Marsh Marigold a b c d e
Hudson RiverAug 2009
Asiatic Dayflower a b c d e
Boneset a b c    
Brown-eyed Susan a b c    
Cocklebur a b      
Dodder a b c    
Great Lobelia d        
Great Ragweed a b      
Green-headed Coneflower a b c    
Groundnut a b c d e
Joe-Pye Weed d        
Marsh Hedge-nettle a b c    
Northern Water-horehound a b      
Spatterdock a b c d  
Swamp Milkweed c d e    
Tiger Lily a b c d  
Water-parsnip c        
Wild Senna a b      
Yellow Floating-heart a b c    
Hudson RiverSept 2009
Bottle Gentian b c d e  
Brown-eyed Susan d e      
Bur-marigold e        
Cocklebur c        
Great Lobelia c e      
Sneezeweed a b c    
Swamp Beggar-ticks a b c    
Hudson RiverApril 2010
Eastern Skunk Cabbage f g      
Lyre-leaved Rock Cress a b      
Marsh Marigold f g h i j
Violet e        
Hudson RiverMay 2010
Cuckoo Flower a b c    
Cypress Spurge e        
Golden Club a b c    
Golden Ragwort a b c    
Lily-of-the-valley a b c d  
Swamp Buttercup a b c    
Yellow Flag e f g h  
Hudson RiverJune 2010
Arrow Arum a b      
Canada Lily d e f g  
Forget-me-not d e      
Garden Loosestrife a b c    
Giant Chickweed a b      
Lopseed a b      
Marsh Bedstraw a b      
Marsh Vetchling a b c d  
Moneywort c d e    
Mossy Stonecrop c d      
Narrow-leaved Cattail a b c    
Purple-stemmed Angelica a b c d  
Water Speedwell a b      
Water-hemlock a b      
Wild Four-o'clock a b c d  
Wild Garlic a b c    
Hudson RiverJuly 2010
Bouncing Bet d e      
Day Lily f g h    
Marsh Hedge-nettle d        
Prickly Lettuce a b c d e
Wild Senna c d      
Hudson RiverAug 2010
Asiatic Dayflower f        
Blue Vervain c        
Buttonbush c d e f  
Cardinal Flower f g      
Common Arrowhead e f      
Ditch Stonecrop d        
False Pimpernel a b      
Giant Chickweed c        
Northern Water Plantain a b      
Sneezeweed e f g    
Virgin's Bower c d      
White Vervain a b c    
Wild Cucumber a b      
Wild Senna e        
Hudson RiverSept 2010
Great Lobelia f g      
New York Aster d e f g h
Purple Loosestrife c d      
Purple-stemmed Aster a b c d  
Sneezeweed h i j    
Tickseed-sunflower a b c    
Turtlehead f        
Hudson RiverMay 2011
Dame's Rocket h        
Golden Club d e f g h
i j      
Golden Ragwort d e      
Hudson RiverJune 2011
Arrow Arum c d e    
Poison Ivy a b c d e
Sweet Flag a        
Hudson RiverJuly 2011
Monkey Flower f        
Water-parsnip d e      
Hudson RiverAug 2011
Green-headed Coneflower d e      
Trailing Wild Bean a b c    
Hudson RiverApril 2012
Bluets c        
Field Peppergrass a b      
Trailing Arbutus e f      
Wild Columbine e f g h i
Hudson RiverMay 2012
Field Peppergrass c d      
Hudson RiverJune 2012
Pineapple Weed a b      
Hudson RiverJuly 2012
Yellow Floating-heart d e f    
Hudson RiverSept 2012
Jimsonweed a b c    
Hudson RiverMay 2013
Heart-leaved Plantain a b c    
Hudson RiverAug 2013
Climbing Hempweed a b c    
Hudson RiverSept 2013
Great Lobelia a b      
Hudson RiverJuly 2014
Clammy Ground Cherry a b c    
Hudson RiverJune 2015
Wild Four-o'clock e f      
Hudson RiverAug 2015
Clammy Ground Cherry d e      
Hudson RiverSept 2016
Bottle Gentian f        
Hudson RiverMay 2017
Star-of-Bethlehem c        
Hudson RiverJuly 2017
Canada Lily j        
Hudson RiverAug 2018
False Dragonhead a b c    
Wild Rice a b      
Huyck PreserveJuly 2019
Beardtongue f g h    
Sweet William a b c d  
Wild Leek b        
Lake GeorgeMay 2010
Long-spurred Violet a b      
Long PathJune 2007
Common Hawkweed a        
Cow Vetch a        
Hedge Bindweed a        
Long PathMay 2008
Birdfoot Trefoil a b c d  
Blue-eyed Grass a b c    
Canada Violet c d e    
Celandine a b c    
Common Periwinkle a b      
Fringed Polygala d        
Gill-over-the-ground a b      
Herb Robert c d e    
Jack-in-the-pulpit a b c e  
Large-flowered Bellwort a b c d  
Miterwort b        
Purple Clematis a b c    
Red Baneberry a        
Solomon's Seal a b c d e
Starflower a b c d  
White Trillium a b c d  
Wild Columbine d        
Yellow Rocket c d      
Long PathJune 2008
Beardtongue b        
Bladder Campion a b c    
Bull Thistle a        
Charlock a b      
Common St. Johnswort b        
Dame's Rocket b c      
Deptford Pink b c      
False Solomon's Seal a b c    
Hedge Bindweed b c      
Herb Robert b        
Maiden Pink a b c    
Mossy Stonecrop a b      
Orange Hawkweed b        
Ox-eye Daisy b c      
Pink Lady's Slipper b c d g h
Purple-flowering Raspberry b        
Silvery Cinquefoil a b      
Sulfur Cinquefoil a b d    
Viper's Bugloss a b c    
Yarrow b        
Long PathJuly 2008
Brown Knapweed a b      
Bull Thistle b        
Chicory a b      
Creeping Bellflower a b c    
Fringed Loosestrife a b      
Heal-all b        
Hop Clover a        
Motherwort a b c    
Queen Anne's Lace b c      
Round-leaved Pyrola a b c d e
Slender Bush-clover b c d    
Smaller Enchanter's Nightshade a        
Spotted Knapweed a b      
White Sweet-clover a b      
Wild Basil a b      
Wild Parsnip a        
Wild Thyme a b      
Yellow Sweet-clover a b      
Long PathAug 2008
Indian-tobacco c        
Joe-Pye Weed a b      
Pearly Everlasting b        
Spotted Touch-me-not c        
Virgin's Bower a b      
White Campion a        
Wild Basil c        
Long PathSept 2008
Bottle Gentian a        
New England Aster d        
Pale Touch-me-not c        
Spotted Touch-me-not b d      
White Baneberry b        
White Snakeroot a        
Zigzag Goldenrod a        
Long PathApril 2009
Barren Strawberry b c d    
Carolina Spring Beauty a b c d  
Early Meadow Rue a b c    
Sharp-lobed Hepatica a b c d e
Spring Beauty a        
Wild Strawberry a b c    
Long PathMay 2009
Barren Strawberry a        
Large Toothwort a c      
Long-spurred Violet e        
Painted Trillium e        
Red Baneberry c        
Small-flowered Crowfoot a b      
Wild Strawberry d        
Long PathJune 2009
Common Cinquefoil b        
Common Hawkweed c d      
Silvery Cinquefoil c d      
Sweet Cicely a b      
Virginia Waterleaf c d      
Wild Sarsaparilla a b      
Yellow Goatsbeard a        
Long PathSept 2009
Calico Aster b        
Heath Aster a b      
Small White Aster a b c d  
Long PathMay 2010
Canada Violet f g      
Long-spurred Violet c        
White Baneberry a        
White Trillium e f g    
Wild Ginger a b c    
Wild Sarsaparilla c        
Long PathJune 2010
Beardtongue d e      
Common St. Johnswort e        
Japanese Spiraea a b      
Ox-eye Daisy d        
Purple-flowering Raspberry d        
Sundrops a b c d e
f g h i j
Wild Basil d e f    
Long PathJuly 2010
Beardtongue a        
Bull Thistle f        
Garden Valerian a b c    
Helleborine c d e    
Japanese Spiraea c        
Red Baneberry b        
Long PathAug 2010
White Baneberry c        
Long PathMay 2011
Barren Strawberry e        
Blue Cohosh d e f g h
Canada Violet h        
Foamflower d        
Large Toothwort d        
Large-flowered Bellwort e f g h  
Long-spurred Violet d f g    
Miterwort c d      
Painted Trillium f        
Red Trillium d        
Sharp-lobed Hepatica f        
Wild Ginger d e f    
Long PathMay 2015
Fringed Polygala a b c e  
Wild Columbine c        
Long PathMay 2017
Large Toothwort b        
Purple Clematis d        
Long PathAug 2018
Wild Thyme c        
Lost PondAug 2018
Nodding Ladies' Tresses a b c d  
Mohawk RiverSept 2010
Jerusalem Artichoke e f g h i
Purple Loosestrife e f      
Mohawk RiverMay 2011
Hairy Beardtongue a b c d  
Mohawk RiverJuly 2012
Flowering Rush a b c d  
Mohawk RiverJune 2016
Harebell d        
Monument MtMay 2008
Bluets a b      
Early Azalea a b c    
Pink Lady's Slipper a        
Mt TomAug 2008
Fern-leaved False Foxglove a b c d  
New England Blazing-star a b c d  
Pale Corydalis d e      
Panicled Hawkweed a b c    
Rattlesnake-root a b c    
Round-headed Bush-clover a b      
Smooth False Foxglove a b c    
Stiff Aster a b c    
White Wood Aster a b      
Woodland Sunflower c d      
Normanskill TrailJune 2008
Beardtongue c        
Black-eyed Susan a b c d  
Blue-eyed Grass d        
Canada Anemone a b c d  
Canada Thistle a        
Common Milkweed a b c d e
f g h i j
Cow Vetch c d      
Deptford Pink a d      
Forget-me-not a b c    
Hedge Bindweed d        
Hop Clover b        
Pasture Rose a d e    
Queen Anne's Lace a        
Red Clover a b      
Slender Bush-clover a        
Spreading Dogbane b c      
Sulfur Cinquefoil c        
Yarrow c        
Normanskill TrailJuly 2008
Blue Vervain a b      
Bouncing Bet a b c    
Bull Thistle c        
Butter And Eggs a b c    
Canada Thistle b        
Chicory c        
Field Garlic a b      
Fringed Loosestrife c        
Germander a b      
Great Burdock a b c    
Heal-all d        
Meadow-sweet b        
Narrow-leaved Mountain-mint a b c    
Ox-eye a b c d e
Queen Anne's Lace d        
Ragged Fringed Orchis a b      
Ragged Robin a b      
Spotted St. Johnswort a b      
Tansy a b      
Teasel a b c d  
Trumpet Honeysuckle a b      
Wild Bergamot a b c    
Wild Marjoram b        
Wild Parsnip b        
Woodland Sunflower a        
Yellow Sweet-clover c        
Normanskill TrailAug 2008
Bull Thistle d e      
Field Thistle a b      
Germander c d      
Hog-peanut a b c    
Joe-Pye Weed c        
Pale Touch-me-not a b      
Wild Marjoram a c      
Normanskill TrailSept 2008
Butter And Eggs d        
Ragged Robin c        
White Snakeroot b c      
Yellow Wood Sorrel a b      
Zigzag Goldenrod b c      
Normanskill TrailApril 2009
Bloodroot a b c d e
Coltsfoot a b      
Early Saxifrage a b c    
Round-lobed Hepatica c d e f  
Rue Anemone a b c d e
Normanskill TrailMay 2009
Bird's-eye Speedwell c        
Black Mustard a b c    
Curly Dock a b      
English Plantain a b c    
Gill-over-the-ground d        
Mouse-ear Chickweed a b      
Tower Mustard a b      
Violet b i j    
White Campion b c      
Yellow Flag a b c d  
Yellow Rocket a        
Normanskill TrailJune 2009
Curly Dock c        
Dame's Rocket d        
Pasture Rose b        
Seneca Snakeroot a b c    
Yellow Goatsbeard b c d e  
Normanskill TrailJuly 2009
Bitter Dock a b      
Common Cattail a b      
Common Plantain a b      
Enchanter's Nightshade a b      
Hemlock Parsley a b      
Long-bristled Smartweed a b c    
White Clover a b      
Woodland Agrimony b c      
Normanskill TrailSept 2009
Common Ragweed a b      
Early Goldenrod a b      
Late Goldenrod c d e    
New England Aster a b c e f
g h      
Smooth Aster a b c d  
Normanskill TrailApril 2010
Plantain-leaved Pussytoes a b c    
Round-leaved Violet c        
Round-lobed Hepatica b        
Violet h        
Wild Geranium f        
Wood Anemone a b c    
Normanskill TrailJune 2010
Common Cattail c d      
Everlasting Pea a b c    
Normanskill TrailSept 2010
Japanese Knotweed a b c d  
Normanskill TrailApril 2011
Common Blue Violet a b c d e
f g      
Common Periwinkle c d e    
Early Meadow Rue d e      
Early Saxifrage d e      
Round-leaved Violet a b      
Round-lobed Hepatica g        
Rue Anemone f g h i  
Trout Lily h i j    
Normanskill TrailMay 2011
Black Medick a b      
Canada Anemone e f g h i
Common Speedwell e        
Dame's Rocket e f g    
English Plantain d        
False Solomon's Seal d        
Ragged Robin d        
Normanskill TrailJuly 2011
Brown Knapweed c        
Normanskill TrailMarch 2012
Early Saxifrage f g h    
Normanskill TrailJuly 2013
Birdfoot Trefoil e        
Wild Marjoram d        
Normanskill TrailJune 2020
Indian Hemp a b c d  
Nun-da-ga-o RidgeSept 2007
Pearly Everlasting a        
Turtlehead b c      
Nutten HookMay 2009
Bird's-eye Speedwell a b      
Cypress Spurge a b c    
Yellow Rocket b        
Partridge RunSept 2008
Bur-marigold a b      
Common Sow Thistle a b      
Hemp-nettle a b      
Indian-tobacco d e      
New York Aster a b c    
Partridge RunMay 2009
Lilac a b c d e
Pine BushJune 2009
Bastard Toadflax a b      
Celandine d        
Common Speedwell c d      
Cypress Spurge d        
Frostweed a b c    
Harebell c        
Hoary Alyssum a b      
Pale Hawkweed a b c    
Pasture Rose c        
Pink Lady's Slipper e        
Whorled Loosestrife a b      
Wild Blue Lupine a b c d  
Yellow Stargrass a b c    
Yellow Wood Sorrel c        
Pine BushJuly 2009
Butterfly Weed a b      
Common Mullein a b c    
Common St. Johnswort c d      
Frostweed d        
Horsemint a b c d  
Rabbit-foot Clover a b c    
White Campion d        
Pine BushAug 2009
Late Purple Aster a b c    
New Jersey Tea a b c    
Showy Tick-trefoil a b c    
Woodland Sunflower e        
Pine BushSept 2009
Beggar-ticks a b c    
Lowrie's Aster a b      
Pine BushApril 2010
Eastern Skunk Cabbage d e      
Pine BushMay 2010
Bunchberry c        
Common Dewberry a b c    
Corn Speedwell a b c    
Early Azalea d e f    
Starry False Solomon's Seal a b c    
Wormseed Mustard a b c d  
Pine BushSept 2010
Flat-topped White Aster a b c    
Lady's Thumb a b c d  
Rattlesnake-root d e      
Pine BushApril 2011
Coltsfoot c        
Gill-over-the-ground e        
Pine BushJune 2012
Blunt-leaved Milkweed a b      
Butterfly Weed c d      
Goat's Rue a b      
Horse Nettle a b c    
New Jersey Tea d        
Venus's Looking-glass a        
Wood Lily d e      
Pine BushJuly 2012
Butterfly Weed e f g    
Pine BushJune 2013
Common Hawkweed e f      
Common St. Johnswort f        
Deptford Pink e        
Hoary Alyssum c d      
Motherwort d        
Orange Hawkweed c        
Round-leaved Pyrola f        
Smooth Spiderwort a b      
Wood Lily a b c    
Pine BushJuly 2013
Bull Thistle g        
Canada Lily h i      
Horsemint e        
Queen Anne's Lace e        
Wild Bergamot d e      
Woodland Sunflower b        
Pine BushJune 2016
Wood Lily f g      
Pine BushAug 2016
Downy Rattlesnake Plantain a b c    
Plotter Kill PreserveMay 2012
Wood Betony a b c d e
f g      
Poke-o-MoonshineAug 2007
Indian-tobacco a b      
Meadow-sweet a        
Putnam PondSept 2007
White Water-lily a        
Putts CreekMay 2018
Buckbean a b c d  
Rail TrailJuly 2019
Garden Phlox a b c    
Raquette LakeJuly 2016
Water Lobelia a        
Raquette LakeSept 2016
Narrow-leaved Gentian d        
Round LakeJune 2009
Common Bladderwort a b c    
Pickerelweed c d      
White Water-lily b c d e  
Round LakeAug 2010
Dodder d e f    
Mild Water-pepper d        
Swamp Loosestrife a b c    
Swamp Smartweed a b c    
Round LakeAug 2011
Buttonbush g        
Dodder g        
Pickerelweed e f g h  
White Water-lily f g h    
Round LakeSept 2011
Green Amaranth a b c    
Round LakeJuly 2020
White Water-lily i j      
Six Mile WaterworksApril 2008
Eastern Skunk Cabbage a b      
Six Mile WaterworksJuly 2008
Common Arrowhead a b      
Common Skullcap a c      
Six Mile WaterworksJune 2009
Bittersweet Nightshade a b      
Blue Flag a b c d  
Thompson's LakeJuly 2008
Moneywort a b      
White Water-buttercup a b c    
Thompson's LakeAug 2008
Bullhead Lily a b c d  
Buttonbush a b      
Cardinal Flower a b      
Ditch Stonecrop a b c    
Mild Water-pepper a b c    
Monkey Flower a b      
Pickerelweed a b      
Swamp Milkweed a b      
Wild Mint a b c    
Thos Cole MtJune 2008
Canada Mayflower a b c    
Common Buttercup c        
Common Speedwell a b      
Purple-flowering Raspberry a c      
White Avens b        
TivoliJuly 2009
Canada Lily a b c    
Day Lily a b c d e
Pointed-leaved Tick-trefoil a b      
Woodland Agrimony a        
TivoliSept 2009
Great Water Dock a b c    
Jerusalem Artichoke d        
Tongue MtApril 2008
Hobblebush a b      
Red Trillium b        
Round-lobed Hepatica a        
Trailing Arbutus a b c    
Violet c d      
Tongue MtMay 2008
Blueberry a b c    
Dwarf Ginseng a b      
Tongue MtJuly 2008
Cow-wheat b        
Evening Primrose a b      
Harebell b        
Heal-all e        
Indian Pipe b c      
Pale Corydalis a b c    
Smaller Enchanter's Nightshade b        
Spreading Dogbane a        
White Sweet-clover c        
Treadway MtAug 2007
Indian Pipe a        
Treadway MtMay 2008
Trailing Arbutus d        
Violet g        
ValcourJuly 2011
Branching Centaury a b      
Field Sow Thistle f g      
Smooth Hedge-nettle a b c d  
Yellow Avens a b c d e
ValcourAug 2018
Brook Lobelia b c      
Silverweed a b c    
Slender Gerardia c        
ValcourSept 2018
Bottle Gentian g        
Brook Lobelia a d e    
Slender Gerardia d        
Wakely MtJuly 2007
Common St. Johnswort a        
Fireweed a        
Orange Hawkweed a        
West LakeJuly 2020
Musk Mallow a b c    
West LakeAug 2022
Narrow-leaved Gentian a b c    
Turtlehead g        
Whitbeck Memorial GroveMay 2011
Early Azalea g        
Hooked Crowfoot a b      
Mayapple d        
White Baneberry d        
Wild Geranium g        
Wild Sarsaparilla d        
Windham High PeakJuly 2007
Bush Honeysuckle a        
Canada Violet a        
Common Hawkweed b        
Heal-all a c      
Herb Robert a        
Ox-eye Daisy a        
White Avens a        
Woodlawn PreserveSept 2016
Fringed Gentian a b c d e
f g h i j
Slender Gerardia a b      
Winged Pigweed a